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Welcome to the official website of Kipchimchim Group of Companies, a thriving holding company based in Kericho, Kenya.
Kipchimchim Group of companies is a diverse, multisectoral corporation with its headquatres in Kericho but otherwise engages in business with other counties in kenya as well as countries abroad. It has over 20 companies under its helm and currently engages more than 4500 direct employees. The Group has invested in various sectors including Agriculture, Manufacturing, Logistics, Warehousing, RealEstate, Retail and Wholsale industries.

The group traces its roots to humble beginnings where the Late Chairman, Samwel Ngetich Kipsoi founded it in the year 2000. Beginning with a small retail kiosk in Kipchimchim Center, we gradually expanded our operations to several retail stores trading as Kipchimatt Supermarket across the country.

We further ventured into the Tea manufacturing industry and with the support of over 50,000 green leaf farmers we have commissioned 6 Tea Factories namely Kuresoi Tea Factory Limited, Mbogo Valley Tea Factory Limited, Sangalo Tea Factory Limited, Tet Tea Factory Limited, Stegro(EPZ) Tea Factory Limited and Emrok(EPZ) Tea factory.

In collaboration with sugar cane farmers in Kericho County and its surrounding catchment zones, we have set up a commercial Sugar Mill; West Valley Sugar Company Limited that crushes 1,250 Tons of Cane per Day (TCD). The opening of a sugar factory is an event that brings about not only economic advantages but also technological progress, environmental considerations, and community development. It represents a promising step towards a more sustainable and prosperous future for the region

In addition, our portfolio also includes a mining and construction company named SABS mining and construction. This company has been a strong pillar in the construction of our real estate projects and Tea Factories.

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As part of our Corporate social responsibility, we have initiatives to help the community in various ways:

  • Sharing food and foodstuffs to the community
  • Planting and giving tea seedlings to deserving farmers and schools. 
  • Maintenance of road networks around our companies.
  • Funding students from the neighboring community.
  • Construction of churches.
From the fields of green in the Kenyan Highlands to a warm cup of tea in your home!
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All our products are certified by the tea board of Kenya and the Kenya National Bureau of Standards

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